“Life is a series of dogs.” – George Carlin

March 28, 2024 - 5 minutes read

(If you prefer a video version, you can rewatch our March 2024 Pack Event here.)

Since the Dog Aging Project began, we have been limited to one dog per household. When we first began accepting dogs into the Dog Aging Project Pack, we set our goal at 10,000 dogs, and the idea of participants wanting to continue in the study even when their dogs passed was not even on our radar.

Little did we know how dedicated our community scientists are to this work! When Pack members passed away, our participants, even in the midst of grief, completed End of Life Surveys, uploaded veterinary medical records, and offered to enroll another dog. As much as we wanted to get to know these new doggos, our research portal was not programmed to do this.


We’ve got some exciting news! If your Pack member is no longer a part of your household for any reason, you now have the opportunity to enroll a subsequent dog in the Dog Aging Project longitudinal observational study! 🎉 Our team has been looking forward to this for a while, and we hope you have been, too. We still can only have one active record per household, so it’s not possible to switch dogs. Whenever you are ready to enroll a new dog, there is a simple process to close your formerly enrolled dog’s record (detailed below).

Your portal login information will not change. However, once you’ve nominated another dog, you will not be able to access any of your previously enrolled dog’s information.

[If it’s been a while since you logged in to your portal, here is where to reset the portal password.]

First, be sure you have completed (or opted out of) all tasks for your previously enrolled dog. Then, make sure you download any information you’d like to keep, such as the Consent Forms, DAP Pack Certificate, or Genomic Report.

Then, you will complete the “Continuing with the Dog Aging Project” task. This will close your previously enrolled dog’s record, keeping the data secure for future research.

Then, it is time to nominate your new companion. Your portal will now have a new task called  “Nominate Another Dog.” Once you have done the nomination, you’ll be invited to complete the Health & Life Experience Survey, and the process should be the same as your previously enrolled canine companion. Remember, while the initial survey is long, you will have 40 days to complete it. We can’t wait to meet your new companion!

Meanwhile, over at the Dog Park…

We know that you will be excited to know that at the Dog Park, you will keep your same account, and you WILL have access to the photos and messages that were posted in the past. Our team will update your account with your new pack member and pack number, and you will be ready to share your photos and stories.  If you would like to honor your first dog, we have a place for you to do just that.

[If it’s been a while since you were at the Dog Park, here is where to reset your password.]

Go to your profile and click on Edit Profile

There are two new fields: one for the name of your Fur-ever Pack Member and another for their Pack Number. Click on Save, and both dogs will be listed on your profile. You can also post a photo of your Fur-ever Pack Member in the header photo.

The inspiration for enrolling subsequent dogs came from you, our community of scientists, who continue to inspire us with your dedication to this project and your love of all dogs. Together, we can work towards longer, healthier lives for dogs, and their humans, too!


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