Expanding the Pack

April 13, 2021 - 3 minutes read

The Dog Aging Project is recruiting! Can you help us spread the word?

We’re so grateful to the current members of the Dog Aging Project Pack, our largest and most important scientific cohort. Through annual surveys completed by owners, we are building a comprehensive dataset, which will help us understand how life experiences and environment affect healthy aging in dogs. We’re over the moon about their participation and what we will be able to learn from these magnificent dogs!

To expand the Pack in order to meet specific scientific goals, we are looking to recruit more participants from certain regions of the country and with specific characteristics. All dogs are always welcome to join the Dog Aging Project, but we’re especially interested in the following:


  • Large breed dogs, weighing between 70-100 lbs, especially breeds other than Labradors, retrievers, and German shepherds (the most common breeds in the US)
  • Giant breed dogs, weighing more than 100 lbs, such as Danes, wolfhounds, and mastiffs
  • Hound dogs, spaniels, pointers, terriers, bulldogs, and pit bulls, including mixes
  • Working dogs, such as herding, K9, service, agility, and mushing dogs, etc.

Geographical regions

  • Dogs living in rural areas, small towns and large cities, in particular
  • Dogs living in regions of veterinary teaching hospitals partnering with us in an upcoming clinical trial (Texas A&M, University of Georgia, Iowa State, Colorado State, Oregon State, Washington State, and North Carolina State)

How you can help

Do you know anyone who might want to participate in the Dog Aging Project? Please consider helping us spread the word by sharing the materials below. Thank you!

If you’re not already a Pack member, get started today at content.dogagingproject.org! Pack members can join us online at the Dog Park, an online community where participants can connect with each other and have exclusive access to our team and special events.